Baseload Capital was founded with the vision to electrify our planet with green electricity. The knowledge and technology to make this happen already exists and Baseload Capital sees it as its mission to get this technology deployed as soon as possible. 


Baseload Capital finances landmark geothermal heat power deal

Baseload Capital Sweden AB has approved financing for the Varmaorka geothermal heat power deal in Iceland.
The agreement is a landmark deal in delivering distributed geothermal heat power, thereby offering a sustainable baseload addition to Iceland’s energy mix.

What is Baseload Capital?

Baseload can through its investors, partners and experience support technology providers with funds for projects as well as knowhow in financial structuring and being a committed 
long-term partner.


Gullspång Invest

Gullspång Invest is a family owned investment company with a long-term investment horizon. The portfolio mainly contains companies in industries such as energy, food, water, health and education.

LMK Forward AB

LMK Forward AB is part of the LMK Industri group. The company invests in, among other things, unique energy and safety technologies as well as hotel and recreation facilities.


Blue is an investment company based in Stockholm that invests in and operates international companies with clear sustainability profiles and a focus on achieving a positive impact on humanity, the environment and society.


Climeon provides a technology that uses the energy in waste heat from industries and low-temperature geothermal heat to generate electricity.

What is heat power?

Heat power is electricity generated from existing sources of heat.

Today more than 50% of the global energy consumption is wasted as heat. Industries such as steel, aluminum and shipping generate large amounts of wasted heat. By drilling in the ground anywhere in the world unlimited geothermal heat can be found and recovered.
Producing clean electricity 24/7 independent of weather conditions provides a renewable energy base-load and a complement to other renewable energy resources such as wind and solar.

“We see great business potential in renewable energy from geothermal heat power and are extremely pleased to now enable the leverage of project finance to grow it.”

Magnus Brandberg, Partner at Gullspång Invest AB.


Geothermal energy refers to the production of energy using the internal heat of the Earth’s crust. This heat comes from the radioactive decay of minerals and continual heat loss from the earth’s original formation. Instead of simply letting this heat sipper out of the earth we can use it to create clean, green electricity.


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