The earth has power.
Let's switch it on.

We dream of a planet in balance with resilient societies that run
on renewable energy.

The earth has power.
Let's switch it on.

We dream of a planet in balance with resilient societies that run on renewable energy.

Heat has power

Today, more than 50% of the energy we use globally is wasted in the form of heat. Industries such as steel, aluminum and shipping generate large amounts of unused heat, and so does the power industry. Heat can also be found underneath almost 90% of our planet’s surface. We believe these two heat sources represent unlimited potential.

Heat power is an affordable form of renewable energy that can be harnessed anywhere on the planet. Unlike solar or wind, heat power is independent of weather conditions or time of day. Because heat power can generate electricity 24/7, it can provide what is called “baseload” power – a key component in the power grid. Today, most baseload power is provided by nuclear energy, or fossil fuels, mainly in the form of coal. We cannot ease our dependence on nuclear and fossil fuels until we deploy a renewable baseload of power.

But we cannot do it alone. We need developers, drilling expertise, investors, plant operators, turbine manufacturers, governments, and communities to join us.



Three Icelandic businessmen saw the potential in converting low-temperature heat into electricity, and in January 2018, we acquired a stake in their company, Varmaorka.



During the fall of 2018, Baseload Capital founded its first official subsidiary in Japan. 



During the fall of 2019, we founded our second subsidiary, Baseload Power Taiwan. 



In February 2018, we signed an agreement with Wendel Energy Operations I in California to structure a debt facility to finance the repowering of their existing geothermal plant. 

Our biggest Champions

Our founders and owners are our biggest fans.

Quote from GatesNotes

There is a phenomenal amount of energy stored up as heat under the Earth’s surface—many times more than we could get from all the known coal and oil reserves in the world. Tapping this source involves pumping steam or hot water from underground to drive turbines.

Founder Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Why invest in heat power?

Susanne Liljefors Krueger tells why she became a believer.

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