The Switch - just another newsletter | Issue #4, 2021

December 15, 2021

Our latest issue of The Switch newsletter is full of amazing news and highlights from the last few months. 

To start, our sustainability podcast, The Switch, has been aired twice to great acclaim! We also discuss the success of Baseload’s fourth virtual seminar focused on ecosystems from a geothermal perspective.

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The Switch - Just Another Newsletter (Issue 1, 2022)

Coffee with Baseload interview series has gone live! Coffee with Baseload is an attempt to […]

Accelerating the green transition is a piece of CAKE - Stefan Ytterborn, CEO CAKE

Stefan Ytterborn is the founder and CEO of CAKE, the Swedish maker of premium lightweight electric motorcycles.

Baseload Capital teams up with Orcan Energy in first U.S. oil and gas project

Baseload Capital proudly announces its first project in the U.S. to harness excess heat from oil and gas wells. This will also be the company’s first collaboration with German supplier Orcan Energy.

Coffee with Baseload – Episode #2

How do you take your coffee, and why is high entropy working in geothermal? ...not related, but both are important!
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